Women & Consumers

Most women are looking forward to retirement…but have a lot of questions about how it all works.

For more than three decades, Marcia Mantell has talked with thousands of women who want to retire. They have so many good questions. Some have plans, many don’t. These women have a practical reality about them, understanding they may live a long time.

But how can they make it all work? And why weren’t they taught about the road through retirement a lot sooner?

These chats have provided invaluable insights and in-depth knowledge about women’s journeys. Information the financial services industry could do a better job embracing.

Women: We’re a different kind of market. Understanding our differences matters!

Retirement for women with families

Where the retirement industry can improve

One mistake common in the retirement industry and among advisors is the assumption that “women” is a single segment. That all females think in a similar way or approach money and investing in the same way. That’s not correct.

  • Every woman has a unique path she’s walked.
  • Her background, experiences, and decisions give her a unique relationship with money.
  • It’s up to the financial advisor to meet her where she’s sitting and not judge her for paths taken.

Another common error is assuming women clients are “investors” who are comfortable in the world of finance. That they love pouring over pie charts and donut graphs. Wrong again.

  • Helping women understand financial matters and helping them close the gap in financial literacy is a critical strategy to building long-term relationships.
  • Letting women talk 80% of the time helps them build understanding and work up to the investing topics sooner.
  • Giving her time and resources is a gift financial advisors can give. Then wait for her to learn a whole new area and ask her questions.
How Marcia Helps Financial Professionals Better Understand Women

For Retirement Leaders

Marcia brings her deep understanding of women into strategic retirement projects you want to develop. Women are hungry for good information about retirement. They are asking for guidance. And they want their questions answered.

You can be confident Marcia will bring these pieces to the table:

  • In-Depth Insights: A variety of perspectives and points of view from women across the country – from Baby Boomers to Gen Xers to Millennials.
  • Better Content: There are ways to tell consumers about your value proposition and your offer…but there are better ways to tell your story to resonate with women. Marcia’s writing style and content development gets to the heart of the matter.
  • Translation Tricks and Tips: Retirement is like a foreign language to consumers. Let Marcia be  your “translator” as you watch your retirement business grow.

The educational information and retirement programs you offer should specifically address women’s unique needs and her way of learning. Marcia helps you get there.

For Financial Advisors:

You’ll build longer-lasting relationships by seeing the world from the female client’s perspective. There are ways you can adapt your practice to:

  • Better accommodate how women think.
  • Address how women process information.
  • Recognize that her priorities are different.
  • Acknowledge their unique and interesting journeys.

Marcia offers particularly insightful information into Boomer Women and how to build effective relationships with these experienced women. In the end, each woman you serve will have a more complete and successful retirement. After all, that is the main goal.

When companies and advisors work directly with Marcia Mantell, she’ll help them:

  • Build retirement programs that resonate with women and encourage them to take the next right steps.
  • Review your content and “translate” it into more consumer-friendly, women-recognizable terms and examples.
  • Train your organization about the finer points of working with women to attract and keep them with your firm.
  • Speak at your women-focused events and webinars.
  • Provide 1:1 consultations with you and your clients to answer women’s questions about Social Security, Medicare, and living in retirement.
  • And more…
How Marcia Works Directly with Women and their Families

Marcia works with a limited number of women and their families to help with the transition into retirement. She helps women:

  • Understand what their next 30 years might look like.
  • Discusses details about time and money within their retirement plans.
  • Is always happy to hear about each woman’s journey and answer their questions.

When working together, we’ll discuss your thoughts on retirement and:

  • Build a detailed retirement income plan, complete with a 30-year cash flow view and plans for how you will spend your time.
  • Analyze your Social Security claiming options, help you decipher the complex rules, and answer your questions so you can make your best claiming decision.
  • Build a custom transition-to-Medicare plan for your unique situation. We’ll spend time together discussing the ins and outs of Medicare. Then we’ll navigate the tools and options available to you, so you sign up for the Medicare elements that work best for you. And on time so there is no gap in your insurance coverage.

This is a fee-based consultative service. We’ll discuss the hourly rate during our first call.

Cookin’ Up Your Retirement Plan

Cookin Up Your Retirement Plan by Marcia Mantell

To guide us along the conversation, we’ll go through the various sections in Marcia’s creative, innovative book, Cookin’ Up Your Retirement Plan.

We’ll sit at our virtual kitchen tables and have a conversation. You’ll create your own “recipe for retirement” based on what you want to explore. And then, you get to design three “menus” as a place to start.

Learn More

Tap Into Resources Marcia Has Built for Women

Boomer Retirement Briefs Blog

BoomerRetirementBriefs.com is where readers go for fun ideas and new ways of thinking about retirement.

As an author, speaker, and presenter, Marcia meets so many interesting people at different stages of retirement. She is always fascinated with their innovative ideas and inspired approaches. There’s something for everyone as they think about their own retirement.

Flip through the blog posts and you’ll find:

  • Fun stories about real Boomers redesigning their retirements.
  • Technical “retirement stuff” in plain language and loaded with examples.
  • Facts and stats plus current information about Social Security.
  • Newsy and noteworthy updates and important information on Medicare and HSAs.
  • Lots of free resources to download and use.

And Financial Advisors will find interesting, creative, helpful articles to share with clients, or cross-post on their social media or websites.

Boomer Retirement Briefs
Books by Marcia Mantell

Books by Marcia Mantell

Marcia loves to help women embrace retirement – in whatever form they want it to be. Women have so many questions, concerns, uncertainties, and often feel there is nowhere to turn, or too many places to turn.

Marcia’s books empower women to own their future.

It doesn’t matter how they grew up, what their money knowledge is, or why they want retirement to be the way they want. These books give structure to the transition to retirement, and a framework for creating a successful life after work (or once your spouse or partner shows up in your space!).

Articles, Interviews, and Podcasts

Marcia has been contributing to both financial and consumer publications for years. You can read what she’s been writing about and what she’s been talking about to journalists across the country. Plus, you can listen to what she has to say on a wide-variety of podcasts.

It’s always about retirement. Always about making the tough, technical information more understandable. And sometimes, the information she shares is even fun!

Financial Advisors are welcome to repost these articles on their websites and social media, with proper attribution.

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What Readers Have to Say

“Marcia gets the conversation going about retirement planning for women. Her breezy, fun style combined with her expansive knowledge of all things retirement make this book easy to read with critically important information for women trying to make sure they have the money they’ll need for a 30-year retirement.”
Review from reader on Amazon

“Cookin’ Up Your Retirement Plan is no ordinary book on retirement, it’s more of a workbook! Or is it a cookbook with great recipes for retirement?”
Review from reader on Amazon