Retirement Business Leaders

Grow your retirement business faster and farther with Mantell Retirement Consulting, Inc.

Senior business leaders at large and small financial firms rely on Marcia and Mantell Retirement Consulting to help them navigate the complex retirement challenges in today’s marketplace.

Working directly with Marcia, clients count on her to:

  • Rally their organizations around new retirement initiatives.
  • Build comprehensive and innovative custom retirement programs.
  • Drive new business with technically excellent and client engaging content in traditional and digital channels.
  • Dazzle their clients.

And depend on her to deliver:

  • Strategic positioning and thought leadership.
  • Business development knowledge and implementation know-how.
  • Innovative, proven practice management techniques for financial advisors.
  • Unique insights into women’s and consumer markets to grow their retirement business lines.

Since 2005, financial services companies across the U.S. have tapped Mantell Retirement Consulting to help develop and deliver innovative, custom retirement programs that are never ordinary.

The impressive results speak for themselves:

  • Significant rollovers and transfer of assets into their organization.
  • Higher client satisfaction scores and improved client metrics.
  • Educated clients who now take more of the right steps to prepare for their future retirement.

Who Hires Marcia Mantell?

  • Executives and Senior Leaders of companies and organizations seeking to enhance their retirement strategies and programs.
  • Senior Vice Presidents of Retirement Divisions searching for a strategic partner with in-depth industry knowledge and a successful track record.
  • Heads of Retirement Product and Marketing Departments with a goal to grow their businesses with a partner who brings a can-do approach and the know-how to get the job done.

Download an overview of MRC’s retirement business development and marketing services.

Marcia Mantell - Advancing the Business of Retirement
Retirement Business Strategy

Clients rely on Marcia Mantell to grow their retirement business.

Driving a healthy, growing retirement business in today’s competitive environment can be more challenging than ever. Marcia can help you move forward faster with her

  • industry knowledge,
  • technical mastery,
  • and out-of-the box business strategies,
  • business building know-how.

Combining hands-on work in the field with in-depth understanding of economic, competitive, and consumer trends reshaping the retirement landscape, Mantell Retirement Consulting helps retirement business leaders

  • define their strategy for growth,
  • build custom retirement programs tailored to their unique situation,
  • implement new business models, and
  • energize and train the organization for success.

From the beginning of the partnership to the final deliverables, clients are confident they are working with a retirement authority who focuses on helping them achieve new and exciting results that will advance their retirement business.

The results are dynamite!

Marcia’s Areas of Expertise You Can Leverage

Count on Marcia to bring extensive retirement industry, technical, and business knowledge and know-how to every engagement.

Regulatory expertise — Keeping up with regulatory changes, DOL requirements, and ERISA rules is not for the casual observer. Marcia’s 30+ years in the technical weeds keeps you on top of latest from:

  • SECURE 1.0 and 2.0
  • Social Security Trustee’s Report
  • Medicare, BENES Act
  • Reg BI, Fiduciary rules
  • CARES Act 1.0 and 2.0

She translates the ongoing rules and changes to deliver new and innovative positioning, messaging, materials, programs, training, and other services you need to keep your organization ahead of the curve.

First-hand experience from the field – Marcia has spent years on the road learning the ropes with sales management, advisors and brokers, wholesalers and relationship managers, 401(k) and 403(b) managing directors.

Industry complexities – Deep understanding of the financial services industry and channels is not common. Marcia has worked with most of the industry throughout her many years, including Broker/Dealers, IBDs, Financial Planners and Advisors (Advisers), RIAs, Banks, Insurance and Mutual Fund companies, Clearing Firms, Asset Managers, and Recordkeepers.

Customer Insights – Marcia’s in-depth understanding of retail consumers across their life stages, generations, segments, and level of retirement readiness informs everything she brings to her client work.

The end result is a competitive advantage for you.

Custom Marketing & Communications Programs

In today’s cluttered world, it is hard to get anyone’s attention.

Mantell Retirement Consulting brings the latest creative and strategic thinking to your marketing programs to get you noticed. Marcia partners with you to tailor and build retirement programs and communications materials to

  • meet business goals,
  • successfully drive new sales,
  • attract new clients, and
  • help current clients take the next steps.

You choose what works best to advance your retirement business. MRC builds it with your team. We’ll collaborate to create comprehensive programs or individual communications that showcase your company’s offerings.  And MRC ensures all your retirement business units and channels are fully supported to make the change.

Examples of marketing & communications

For Consumers, Retail Customers, and Plan Participants

  • Positioning papers and articles
  • Brochures, workbooks, web content, video, and digital content
  • Seminars, webinars, video shows
  • Social Security and Medicare programs and materials
  • Seasonal or targeted retirement campaigns
  • And much more…

For Financial Professionals and Representatives

  • Comprehensive turnkey marketing programs including seminars with scripts, workbooks, email content, invites, infographics, handouts, articles, etc.
  • Advisor practice management workshops and training
  • Playbooks, practice management ideas, and sales tools
  • Prospecting & sales campaigns
  • Updates on the latest law changes: SECURE Act 1.0 and 2.0, Medicare, Social Security, RMDs, etc.
  • And much more…

Mantell Retirement Consulting supports a wide range of business lines and retirement channels including:

  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • IRAs and Rollovers
  • Small Business Plans: SEP, Profit Sharing, Investment Only, Solo 401(k), SIMPLE-IRA
  • Large Plans – 401(k), 403(b), 457s, NQDC

Compliance approvals are a breeze

Content and materials developed at Mantell Retirement Consulting sail through the compliance process, drawing but a few comments. The key to success is Marcia’s  strong knowledge of technical rules and regulations, and her keen ability to translate and simplify into meaningful – and correct – content…

…and to use proper footnotes!

Custom Training Programs for Professionals
Every firm has a unique focus on their specific business requirements, products, and retirement goals. 

All educational programs developed by MRC are customized to directly support your goals and integrate your specific brand, philosophy, and solutions. Custom programs are designed to:

  • Deliver accurate technical information for your advisors, representatives, field support teams, etc.
  • Focus on practical, business-building implementation.
  • Introduce ideas that can be incorporated into your team’s busy days.

Engagement not boredom.

Marcia is known as “one of the retirement industry’s most dynamic and engaging speakers.”

She knows what it’s like to be bored and feel like the training session was a waste of time. In stark contrast, her training sessions are full of hands-on exercises, friendly competitions, and even Lego® building! (Well, no Legos during online training, but still … engaging sessions.)

Her goal: make education fun, engaging, practical, and effective so the attendees:

  • Learn new material.
  • Become more technically proficient.
  • Connect the dots between various retirement programs.
  • Gain access to resources.
  • Feel that the time out-of-office was well-spent.

Ideas for Custom Workshop Training Sessions include:

  • 4-part, 4-hour Social Security hands-on workshop
  • Helping Clients Navigate the Medicare Maze
  • Medicare: 10 Answers to 10 High-Income Clients’ Questions
  • Winning Boomer Women: It’s About the Relationship, Not the Investments

And many more…

Featured Industry Training

Marcia supports the Investments & Wealth Institute (IWI) by providing Financial Advisor professional training at conferences – both “unplugged” online versions and in person.
Financial Advisors looking to up their retirement income skills can earn the Retirement Management Advisor® designation through the IWI.

Education Programs & Presentations for End-Clients
Helping end-clients get ready for retirement takes a special touch.

Financial advisory firms, asset managers, recordkeepers and others invite Marcia to the stage (both live and virtual) as they seek to offer valuable and value-add retirement education in a more creative, fun, and energizing way. Her unique ability to connect with the audience — whether they are consumer clients, plan participants, or CHROs — takes them on an unexpected journey.

Your clients take away

  • New information (even though they thought they knew the facts).
  • Practical ways to approach their role in planning for retirement.
  • And importantly, appreciation that you took the stuffy, tedious topics of retirement, Social Security, and Medicare and turned them into a valuable hour of full-on engagement.

Your clients will appreciate follow-up appointments from their advisor. And new business opportunities will follow.

Recent presentations for end-clients:

For Plan Sponsors:

  • On a Collision Course: Employees turning 65 and Working + Medicare + HSAs + Social Security
  • The Great Resignation: Implications on Boomer Retirements
  • The Future of Work, The Future of Retirement
  • Debunking Mighty Powerful Medicare Myths
  • Trekking Down the Mountain: Guiding Employers for the Modern Retiree

For Plan Participants and Retail Clients:

  • Uncovering Social Security Secrets
  • Getting Started with Medicare — Parts, Prices, Penalties
  • Top 10 Tasks to Tackle Before Retiring
  • A Spotlight on Women’s Financial Literacy

What Clients Say

“It was wonderful having you on our broadcast this morning. The feedback on your Social Security presentation has been overwhelmingly positive. We hit a new high for webinar attendance. Thank you for joining us, and we’d love to have you back in the future.”
SVP, Asset Manager

“Mantell Retirement Consulting brings such a broad and complete view of the industry that it helped us set a better direction for our retirement thought leadership efforts.”
SVP, Bank Broker Dealer

“We were so surprised that we had to reprint just five weeks after the initial printing of each brochure! Our advisors loved the new retirement income planning program developed in partnership with Mantell Retirement Consulting!”
SVP, large RIA