Financial Advisors

More than ever, Financial Advisors need a trusted retirement partner who is dedicated to helping them build their retirement business.

Planning for a client’s 30-year retirement income and cash flow needs are more challenging than ever. Financial Advisors don’t always have the expertise in Social Security, Medicare, RMDs, or the skills to help clients create purpose when they have endless time on their hands. Connecting all the dots is not easy to do.

Marcia Mantell helps advisors in every channel do more for their clients on the cusp of retirement. And for clients living in the complex world of retirement. She wins over even the most skeptical advisor with her extensive field experience, deep technical knowledge, proven practice management techniques, and trade secrets.

Working directly with Marcia Mantell, you can count on her to:

  • Answer your wide-ranging retirement questions directly, completely, and accurately.
  • Provide the latest trends and insights shaping the retirement industry.
  • Help you retain clients by successfully leading them into their new retirement life phase.
  • Differentiate your services that make a difference to your clients. Especially by including two-on-one Social Security consultations and individual Medicare educational sessions and analysis.

Why Do Financial Advisors Turn to Marcia Mantell

Respect:  She has a deep respect for how hard advisors work on behalf of their clients. She understands the challenges of trying to keep current when the laws and rules change at an alarming pace. And she knows the Compliance obstacles you face every day.

Understanding:  The playbooks and training webinars she develops specifically for advisors clearly demonstrate she “gets it.” She helps each of her advisor clients get set up for success with Boomers, women, and the 50+ crowd.

Technical Knowledge:  From individual and small business retirement products to large plan 401(k), 403(b) and 457(b) rules; from Roth conversions to rollover strategies for pre-retirees; from Social Security rules to the Medicare pieces; from embracing SECURE Act 1.0 and 2.0 to navigating the CARES Act 1.0 and 2.0, advisors count on Marcia for accurate, timely, information, application, and wise counsel.

Translation: In an ever-increasing regulatory environment, it gets harder to explain retirement concepts to non-financial clients without the “written in English” translations that she is well-known for delivering.

You can offer a wide-range of presentations & webinars, tailored to support your business, delivered by Marcia.

Financial Webinars
How do financial advisors work with Marcia?

Clients rely on Marcia Mantell to grow their retirement business.

They call on her to help build and expand their retirement business. Financial advisors across the country:

  • Partner with Marcia to plan engaging online events.
  • Host client appreciation events with Marcia as the guest speaker – live in-person or live online.
  • Invite prospects to a webinar or workshop that Marcia takes the lead on. This gives advisors more opportunities to lay the foundation for future growth.
  • Consult with Marcia about client situations, opportunities, or problem areas.
  • Leverage Marcia’s extensive Social Security and Medicare expertise to get client questions answered quickly and accurately.
  • Invite Marcia in to provide insights about working with Boomer women and building better relationships for the long run.
What programs does Marcia offer financial advisors for their clients?

Most financial advisors seek Marcia’s expertise in three key areas:

1) Client Events. Financial advisors and advisor groups request Marcia as a featured speaker for business building or client appreciation events. Marcia makes it easy to implement by:

  • creating a marketing plan,
  • writing email / invitation copy, thank you’s and follow up content,
  • building the outreach calendar, and
  • signing a few books to give away to attendees.

You choose the call-to-action and Marcia will integrate your services into the presentation.

A package price will be quoted after you choose the events you want to host during the year. Discounts apply for multiple events.

2) Advisor-Client Consultations. Every client has unique considerations when it comes to Social Security and Medicare. You and your individual client(s) can sit down for a confidential two-on-one with Marcia over zoom. She’ll

  • gather client-specific information,
  • answer their many questions about the programs,
  • explain how the programs works, and
  • bring together their facts and circumstances to make individual recommendations on the spot.

If further analysis needs to be done, she will let you both know at the end of the discussion, give a timeline for completion, and get to work behind the scenes. You will receive a completed assessment and we’ll meet again with your clients.

An hourly fee is charged for these consultations. You may choose to pay it on behalf of your clients, or you may ask your client to pay.

3) Custom Medicare Education and Analysis. Many financial advisors do not deal in the Medicare space…and that is just fine. Fortunately, Marcia has in-depth knowledge about the entire complicated Medicare program. She can be your outsource expert for clients who want high-touch, highly personalized Medicare education, analysis, and navigation.

  • Marcia is a consumer advocate. She’ll provide comprehensive, accurate, unbiased information so your clients can make their best Medicare decision.
  • Your clients receive comprehensive education, a custom timeline, and an assessment about their available options in their zip code.
  • Typically, your client pays for this service. Depending on the level of analysis needed, they may have a package price or an hourly fee.

If you are looking for something else, don’t hesitate to call. Marcia also creates custom programs for financial advisors to grow and expand their business.

Does Marcia offer any training for financial advisors?

Yes! Marcia is a sought-after technical retirement trainer. Her training covers retirement laws, regulations, and rules for each topic. Plus, case studies, examples, resources, and latest Congressional activity.

These are not your typical boring, lackluster training sessions. She knows the key is to understand the content…and remember it. So, plan for some fun, a few math problems, and a lot of laughs. Then apply what you’ve learned to your client situations.

You can invite Marcia to your shop to cover such topics as:

  • Social Security Basics
  • Medicare Basics
  • Medicare: 10 Answers to 10 High-Income Clients’ Questions
  • Social Security and Medicare Integration: What Every Advisor Needs to Know
  • On A Collision Course: Clients Turning 65 and Working + Medicare + HSAs + Social Security
  • Winning Boomer Women: It’s About the Relationship, Not the Investments
  • Health Savings Accounts – Insights, Importance, and Issues
  • And more…

Featured Training

Marcia supports the Investments & Wealth Institute (IWI) by providing Financial Advisor professional training at conferences – both “unplugged” online versions and in person. Financial Advisors looking to up their retirement income skills can earn the Retirement Management Advisor® designation through the IWI.

Marcia is the Social Security and Medicare trainer in the Plan4Life certificate program created specifically for financial advisors working with Boomers and beyond.

After attending a Marcia Mantell training workshop, advisors say:

“Marcia educates financial advisors with clarity and understanding that spells success.”

“Thank you for a great session! You were fantastic!!  And the content was exactly what we were looking for.”

“You are such an expert and deliver that content in such an interesting and entertaining way. We’ll have you back soon!”

Does Marcia have any information or resources financial advisors can use with their clients?

Yes! Marcia embraces the Baby Boomer generation. As a boomer, she is uniquely qualified to point out their quirks and different points of view. And she can help you turn them into your best clients. Help them retire well, and they’ll tell all their friends.

Boomer Retirement BriefsTo give you some insights into these clients, read Marcia’s long-running BoomerRetirementBriefs blog. It’s chock-full of remarkable stories of reinventing and redesigning retirement. There are also sections for Social Security and Medicare updates. You are welcome to share it with your clients.

ChecklistsYou’ll find a tremendous number of resources and checklists for client use on the blog. Especially valuable are the various checklists for claiming Social Security. Clients will have different paths to follow if they are married, divorced, widowed or single. There’s a checklist for each situation.

What Advisors Say

“The response from our FA’s was tremendous when we rolled out the Retirement Income Planning program – and it was even higher when we rolled out the Social Security Playbook and materials. Marcia’s expertise in the complex technical rules and the translation into useful materials was exactly what we needed!”
SVP, Institutional Marketing

“Thanks so much for all the great information on this unique fact pattern. So appreciative of your knowledge and insight!”
financial advisor after a two-on-one individual client Social Security consultation