Employers seek Marcia’s help to support their employees on the cusp of retirement.

With so many different planning decisions to be made, relying on Marcia’s retirement, Social Security and Medicare expertise, engaging presentations, and one-on-one consultations, employers are confident their employees are guided more successfully into retirement.

Marcia has been in the retirement industry for over 30 years and counting. She’s built an expertise few can offer. All content she delivers is 100% educational. There are no product pitches or advice solutions. Only solid, proven, fact-based information and great resources to help your employees better prepare for the reality of paying for some 30 years of retirement without a paycheck.

Working directly with Marcia you’ll find:

  • High interest among your 50+ employee population.
  • “Sold out” presentation events when onsite.
  • Capacity crowds for online, virtual presentations.
  • Even more employees watching the replay of the presentation.
  • Highly engaged employees with no end to their questions.
  • Appreciation from employees who say, “I had no idea retirement was so complicated!”

Your burden is lifted when partnering with Marcia:

  • You can stay focused on your active employees and their benefits.
  • Marcia will provide the expertise your employees need to successfully navigate Social Security and Medicare.
  • Any retiree benefits you offer are built into customized presentations to fit your plan and employee needs.
  • You’ll receive “Fast Facts” and other resources to use on your intranet or as handouts to employees looking for more information.
  • Marcia is available to answer questions you are running into from employees getting ready to retire.

Who Hires Marcia?

Employers of every size and shape, from all around the country. Some employers choose onsite workshops and one-on-one private prep sessions with their employees. Others like the convenience of virtual webinars they can record for internal use.

Examples of Mantell Retirement Consulting’s Employer clients include:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Large, multi-site companies
  • Small, specialty manufacturing companies
  • Regional banks
  • Healthcare organizations
  • State/Local government employers

Download an overview of retirement services offered to help employees prepare to retire.

Financial Webinars
Helping Employees Make It to Retirement
Preparing for retirement is not a weekend DIY project. It takes years to properly prepare to leave a paycheck behind. Ideally, serious planning for retirement starts at age 50. With only 10 to 15 more years of work for most employees, they need to make these years really count. It’s time to be in the retirement game. And time to super save.

When working with Marcia, she’ll discuss both the time and the money side of retirement with you and your employees:

  • What will you really do when you have nothing but time on your hands?
  • How will you know it’s time to retire?
  • Do you know how to take advantage of catch-up contributions in your 401(k) or 403(k)?
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are a critical piece of your retirement. Do you have one?
  • The RMD rules have changed…and changed…and changed. Do you have plans to get this right?
  • Are you saving in both your employer plan and in an IRA?

Marcia tackles the road to retirement with several different presentation offerings you can choose from, including:

  • Cliff Diving: Taking the Retirement Plunge
  • Top 10 Tasks to Tackle Before Retiring
  • Building a Financially Sturdy House for Retirement Income
  • Financially Fearless Females over 50
  • Or, you can choose a 4 to 6-hour hands-on workshop to dive into serious retirement planning

Plus, her third book, Cookin’ Up Your Retirement Plan, is an excellent overview for employees to grasp the key concepts behind a successful retirement. It’s not a book to read, but rather one filled with discussion topics and worksheets exploring both time and money.

Uncovering Social Security Secrets

Many employees think they know all about Social Security … or have strong opinions about its pending demise. (It’s not going anywhere!) But there are thousands of rules and many steps to get the most out of this critical income source for retirement.

Marcia offers a wide range of presentations that can be delivered live or online. Every employee needs to know the fine print about Social Security, their options for claiming, implications of their claim on a spouse, if married, and where problems are lurking in the shadows.

You can choose from these Social Security presentations that are very popular with employees from coast to coast:

  • Uncovering Social Security Secrets
  • Widows and Social Security: What You Need to Know
  • Divorce and Social Security: What You Need to Know
  • Tips for Staying Happily Married After Claiming Social Security
  • 4 Social Security Gaps Women Face: The Wage Gap, The Mom Gap, The Widow Gap, and The Care Gap
  • Social Security for LGBTQ: A How-To Guide for Maximizing Your Benefit

Plus, Marcia’s well-received book, What’s the Deal with Social Security for Women, lays out the facts of this program in a no-nonsense matter, faces the elephant in the room (the program is not going bankrupt), and provides examples for claiming if you are married, divorced, widowed, or single. There’s something for everyone…including men!

Untangling the Medicare Maze
Of all the challenges your employees face as they try to navigate a safe route to retirement, none is more difficult than figuring out the Medicare Maze. Moving from an employer-sponsored group plan to a consumer-driven, individual-based Medicare program is shocking. Your employees go from cost-blind to cost-blind-sighted. And the highly compensated employees are not delighted to meet IRMAA.

These presentations are standing-room only when employers offer them to their employees. Marcia reviews your current benefits for active employees, and any offered to retirees to incorporate and customize in any presentation(s) you choose:

  • Demystifying Medicare
  • The A-B-D…and C of Medicare
  • Medicare and Work after 65: It’s Complicated
  • Medicare: Plans, Prices, and Penalties. It’s Not Free.
  • Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage: How to Choose?

All Medicare presentations are educational only. There are no products recommended or sold.

One-on-One Consultations with Employees

In addition to offering presentations for all employees to attend, many employers also request one-on-one consultations for individual employees with Marcia. In these confidential sessions, she helps employees (and spouses/partners) take a look at their retirement plans, determine their sources of income, and answer questions about when to take Social Security or what options they might have for Medicare and supplemental coverage. There are two options employers can choose:

  • GENERAL CONSULTATIONS: Typically, the employer sets up 30-minute or 45-minute time blocks. Employees sign up for a specific time with Marcia. Then Marcia meets individually to help them get started on or to confirm their retirement plans. The employer pays for the initial short consultations, then employees may decide to work directly with Marcia and pay on their own.
  • MEDICARE PLANNING: For comprehensive Medicare analysis and custom planning, employers introduce specific retiring employees to Marcia. Marcia and the employee work together over two-to-three months, between 5 to 10 hours. Some employers pay for this service for selected employees; others offer the option to employees to pay directly.

These consults can be done onsite or via zoom, depending on your situation and request. Contact Marcia for specific information and details.

Additional Support for Employers

Many employers also look for educational information for their younger employees that is unbiased, comprehensive, and free from product pushes. Marcia has extensive experience in the accumulation side of retirement planning as well as the income side. She knows the ins and outs of 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 457’s, and all versions of IRAs. Not to mention HSAs and various taxable accounts.

She can help your employees better understand what they are up against when it comes to planning for a successful retirement. All presentations are customized to build in your suite of benefits. Some choices include:

  • Building a Strong Financial Household in your 20s and 30s
  • Building a Strong Financial Household in your 40s and 50s
  • Becoming a Financially Fearless Female
  • A Spotlight on Women’s Financial Literacy

And should you offer an early retirement opportunity, employees need education and information to understand what happens to their health insurance and what their new options might look like. Marcia will customize workshops and tailor the information based on your plan when delivering a series for early retirement programs and health insurance:

  • Medicare Need-to-Knows for Employees at or Near 65 or Older
  • Medicare and COBRA for Employees about 63 ½
  • Health Care Options for Early-Retirees, Younger than 63 ½
“I listened to your session on the Social Security Stumbling Blocks for Employees. Thanks so much for the great information! I appreciate it!”
Employer / Benefits Administrator, VP HR

“Thank you so much for your Debunking Mighty Powerful Medicare Myths webinar. A lot of good information. This is all so much – worse than the menu at Cheesecake Factory :-)”
HR/Benefits Manager

“Thank you for yesterday’s Social Security Seminar for our employees. The turnout was incredible and we have received such positive feedback from the employees. It was truly an amazing event!”
Lead Benefits Coordinator