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Cookin’ Up Your Retirement Plan

Life happens in the kitchen. Everything from making pot roast and planning parties to sharing secrets and sneaking snacks. So, there’s probably no better place to talk about your dreams and plans for retirement than at your own kitchen table.

If only you had roadmap or a blueprint—a recipe—for planning this uncertain, unpredictable next era filled with time, space, and opportunity.

Fortunately, Cookin’ Up Your Retirement Plan does just that. This retirement “cookbook” walks you through steps to create your own recipe for retirement. From your kitchen table, simply follow the sections to plan your retirement much like you make a lasagna—by putting together layer by layer of delicious ingredients. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Six sections filled with discussion guides and worksheets
  • Terrific resources and ideas to explore retirement options
  • A unique Plan A, B, +C “retirement menu” for you to create
Cookin' Up Your Retirement Plan by Marcia Mantell

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What Readers Say

“Cookin’ Up Your Retirement Plan is no ordinary book on retirement, it’s more of a workbook! Or is it a cookbook with great recipes for retirement? It’s as if Marcia leads a class with you following along in the class workbook.”

“Her new “cookbook” for retirement is approachable and a fun tool. Bon appétit!”

What’s the Deal with…
Social Security for Women?

As women near retirement they are often surprised they will receive their own Social Security check. Or that it’s more than a spousal benefit. Or that it’s larger than their spouse’s benefit. Why is their situation surprising? Just how are their benefits calculated?

In What’s the Deal with…Social Security for Women, Marcia opens the door on how Social Security works regardless of each woman’s journey. It’s for all women whether married, divorced, widowed, single, married then remarried, in a same-sex marriage or not. All the examples take place from the vantage point of standing in a woman’s shoes.

But, it’s a great book for men, as well.

This book is filled with straight talk about Social Security and will help every reader:

  • Make smart decisions about when to claim their benefit
  • Understand the consequences for filing early
  • Learn the facts about the future of this incredibly important program
What's the Deal with Social Security for Women

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What Readers Say

“This is an EXCELLENT resource to help you strategize Social Security and get the most you can! I recently retired in my late 50s and this book has been a great help in my approach to this new chapter of my life.”

Review from reader on Amazon

“This book will arm you with tips to be strategic about your Social Security options and know the questions to ask…The section for widow and single women is excellent. Marcia is a very clear communicator, and she makes the topic fun, too.”
Review from reader on Amazon

“To say Marcia is an expert in Social Security is an understatement. Her writing style is clear, coherent, and easily digestible. This book is a must read for those looking to get up to speed on Social Security.”
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What’s the Deal with…
Retirement Planning for Women, 2nd Edition

It’s no secret. Women love to talk. They talk about marriage, motherhood, and their mothers; merlots and martinis; mammograms and menopause. But when it comes to money, forget it. Their lips are sealed.

Well, it is high time for every woman to start talking about money. And where their money will come from to pay for 30 years in retirement.

Wondering where to get started? Right here in this somewhat irreverent, non-traditional, and fun-filled book where Marcia dishes out a baker’s dozen questions that every woman needs to talk about with her spouse, best friends, partner, or her trusted circle.

What’s the Deal with Retirement  Planning for Women is a short and snappy read so you can fit it into your jam-packed days. It gives you the ingredients needed to confidently plan for your once-in-a-lifetime retirement.

What's the Deal with Retirement Planning for Women

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What Readers Say

“Marcia has written a retirement book for women that can also serve as a Rosetta stone for financial advisors to connect with female clients on this critical topic…”
Mary Beth Franklin, Investment News

“Marcia is committed to giving American women a sense of empowerment and ownership when it comes to retirement…”
Mary Helen Gillespie, Women & Money: Talk about Retirement

“From shoe shopping to learning the language of investments, Mantell speaks to women in no-nonsense yet compassionate terms…”
Carolyn Ellis, Advisor Magazine